A Financial Wellness Company

We provide Financial Wellness, which means we optimized our clients personal financial position. We are on a mission to help America close it's wealth gap. Our solutions even the financial playing field between middle class Americans and financial institutions. We teach adults who live on Main Street how to manage their finances like people who work on Wall Street, one individual, one family or one small business owner at a time.

Turn Mortgage Debt Into Wealth!

  • When you use GPS Debt Mapping technology & a liquid IUL to pay off your mortgage years early & add arbitrage, you will earn passive income with no risk for life.

    Ron Harris, MBA, CEFI, MBE

  • Also, we provide full exposure to advanced techniques in arbitrage which can net you extraordinary returns with low risk and little or no capital exposure.

    Ron Harris, MBA, CEFI, MBE

  • Chances are, you’ve heard about arbitrage. But you’re probably unsure where exactly it will fit into your mortgage payoff strategy.

    Ilana Amos, Financial Educator

  • In the simplest terms it is the shuffling of resources from a less favorable outcome to a more favorable income. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

    Brad Bernstein, Financial Educator

  • You’re getting a poor return on your money, but don’t worry. We’ll show you where to get a better return. Imagine banking like a bank! That’s the dream, right?

    Mike Amos, Financial Educator

  • Everyday people are banking like banks by earning passive income through arbitrage. You can too! Set an appointment today and let us show you how!

    Ron Harris, MBA, CEFI, MBE

  • For example, buying candy for .50 cents and selling it for $1, or borrowing money at a 4% interest rate and then lending it for 7%. Sounds like what the banks do?

    Roy Smith, Financial Educator

  • With Financial Literacy Group, you can take advantage of opportunities you have been missing out on to grow your savings safely and securely.

    Elsa Fissehaye, Financial Educator

Financial Resources

We provide the financial resources needed to develop a road map to get you and your family to the prosperous financial future, you want.

Mortgage Elimination

The Go Debt Free App guides you to pay off your 30 year mortgage in as little as 5 to 7 years. You can then spend that same money another 5 times. From mortgage debt to wealth.

Debt Relief

More than $10K in unsecure debt? Want a Lower Monthly Payment? Our experts have 16 years experience. Click above and get a FREE debt analysis.

Credit Improvement

Our experts handle all the work for you and ensure your credit reports are free of mistakes, false negatives, identity theft and inaccuracies which will lead to higher credit scores.

Credit Repair

Our certified credit consultants provide you with a FREE credit consultation. The credit consultation includes a review of your credit report and a step by step ACTION PLAN

Estate Planning

Our $99 Estate Plan includes the foundational documents you need: Last Will & Testament, Medical & Financial Powers of Attorney, Advance Directive HIPAA Authorization.

Credit Dispute

Get Your Dispute Letters for All 3 Bureaus. Only $50 for disputes with all three (3) national credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Pay as you go. No contract.

Digital Financial Health Check

Our FREE analysis can ascertain the current state of your wealth. Show you how much savings you need? When you can become debt free. The best way to budget, save, forecast and plan. Based on our digital interactive AI driven financial algorithm.

Anti Amortization Calculator

Using our solution you will pay off your mortgage in less than a ⅓ of the time and save 80% on interest?  So each time you use our anti amortization calculator, remember you don't have to be a slave to the bank's 30 year plan.

Betterment News

The President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy recently stated, “Financial illiteracy is not an issue unique to any one population. It affects everyone: men and women, young and old, across all racial and socioeconomic lines. No longer can we stand by and ignore this problem. The economic future of the United States depends on it.”

The Management Team

We manage a nationwide team of over 1,500 personal finance educators, coaches, advisors & debt counselors. Financial Literacy Group is a certified MBE & our mission is economic inclusion and empowerment.

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Ilana Amos

Secretary, Financial Educator & Consultant

Ilana worked in the financial markets for a period of time before leaving to start her own business. Ilana believes that right now is one of the best times in history to be an entrepreneur as everything seems to be changing at such a rapid pace which is opening massive opportunities.

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Ron Harris, MBA, CFEI, Author

CEO, Financial Educator & Consultant

Ron, a.k.a. Debt Whisperer, is a financial mentor for SCORE. Ron founded his first company right out of college and grew it to a multi-million dollar marketing firm in less than 3 years. Ron has successfully financed and grown businesses through prosperous markets and through multiple economic crises, including this one.

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Mike Amos

VP, Financial Educator & Consultant

Mike is a former stock and commodity broker as well as hedge fund manager dealing mostly in option strategies in futures markets. Mike sees innovation as the best way to unlock value in markets and the digital environment is continuing to create more innovation than any time in human history.

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